Frequently Asked Questions

How many days do trips run for?

Each adventure is 5 days in length and starts on a Thursday and ends on a Monday. You’ll be back to your respective location by Monday evening.

What kind of professionals attend?

It depends! We have professionals that attend from a mix of industries that are all in different parts of their careers. Some people attend to use our experience as a sounding board for advancing their current career, others for a breakthrough in where they're feeling stuck in their job or some merely for the adventure of traveling abroad. While there is no perfect use case of who attends, each participant always leaves with powerful lessons learned for improving their leadership and professional and personal growth.

Will I need travel insurance and a passport?

Proof of travel insurance is mandatory for each participant of Weekend Sabbatical. General travel insurance is recommended and can be found here.

A passport will be required for the locations that we travel to. Be sure to double check your expiration date and make sure that your passport has at least 5 months until expiration.

When should I book my flight?

Participants can book their flights once they have confirmed a spot through our website portal and have received a confirmation email with recommended arrival and departure times.  

How many people attend each trip?

Each trip consists of 2-10 other professionals from a range of different professional industries. Since the experience itself centers around executive and life coaching, we try to keep the groups small and intimate so that each professional gets the right attention that they deserve.

What kind of social impact project will we complete?

The more people that attend each Weekend Sabbatical, the greater the possibility for impact. Depending on the location, we could be completing a plastic cleanup on a private beach, reforestation initiative in the jungle, helping to build a local school or home, giving a TED style talk with a bunch of students from a local community, helping coffee farmers with their harvests efforts, or even completing a sustainability strategy project to drive long-term green practices.

How does survival day work?

Participants spend 5-6 hours on their own without food or money and with only water and sunscreen in a specific location that we travel to. Think you handle getting outside of your comfort zone? 

What should I pack?

Exact packing lists are sent upon trip confirmation. The locations that we travel to tend to be on the warmer side (80 - 85 degrees). Given the weather and physical activities we will be completing, we recommend plenty of comfortable hiking / workout related gear.

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