Create a Customized Weekend Sabbatical Experience for your Employees

Why do companies partner with The Weekend Sabbatical?

We provide a la carte weekend sabbatical experiences where companies can focus their trip around one or all of the following:

Social Impact

From plastic cleanups, reforestation initiatives, building a home or school, to pro-bono consulting projects with small, local businesses, we offer a range of diverse social impact projects in the communities that we travel to that can align to your company's CSR goals

Leadership + Career Development

With one on one and group settings, we provide executive coaching on a daily basis to help your employees grow professionally, develop their leadership skills, and leave with a tangible plan of action for how they can continue to improve

Adventure Activities

Trekking to a local waterfall, hiking on a volcano or through the jungle, or watching monkeys swing through the trees above you, there are endless opportunities to help your employees recharge and bring some excitement back to their day to day

What do your employees and your company get?

A Game-Changing Benefit Offering

Social Impact Projects Aligned to CSR Goals

Experience Based Rewards

Leverage our non profit relationships to participate in a simple or complex social impact project abroad that aligns to your company's CSR goals

Provide your employees with an amazing reward for their performance with a short sabbatical abroad focused around one of our offerings

Seperate yourself from the competition and provide your employees with a unique reward experience

Interested in offering a customized weekend sabbatical to your employees?

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