How The Weekend Sabbatical Carved My Future Career Path

Julia S. 

Consultant at Global Management Consulting Firm


Julia was a successful, up and coming consultant trying to navigate through the complexities and politics of a powerhouse consulting firm. While she found her role engaging and challenging, she often felt that she was letting consulting dictate her life and not the other way around. This “go with the flow” mentality was exacerbated by the fact that Julia never had the time to independently determine what it was she wanted, so consulting was making that choice for her.

Interested in The Weekend Sabbatical and how it could help her find independence in her career, Julia flew down to Costa Rica. She wanted clarity on how she could have a voice as a little fish in a bigger consulting pond and create autonomy for decisions and outcomes that she sought after.

(as told by Julia)

"Stepping out of my groundhog day routine and into an exotic place with completely different challenges than one encounters in a concrete jungle shocked my system into a new level of self reflection and awareness. Max’s coaching facilitated my self-discovery by creating an atmosphere of openness while also pushing me to challenge myself to think and act outside of my comfort zone.


Doing this in a group setting with other people looking to learn more about their own paths reaffirmed that my pursuit was not unusual, complemented the trip by bringing in different perspectives, stories, and insights for my career."


With new found clarity on where she wanted to go with her career and how to get there, Julia confidently decided that she wanted to pursue consulting opportunities abroad. When she returned to work on Tuesday, she started to carve out her own waterfall and shortly after found her way onto a long-term international engagement in Australia. Julia attributes The Weekend Sabbatical for helping her to find her own path and voice in the workplace and how to act on that voice. No longer indecisive or going with the flow, she learned how to put her foot down and take back control of her career.

Living in Australia, Julia has continued to excel on her engagement and has continued to chart her own course. Though this time, she’s directing herself to the long term goal of making an impact in the clean energy space and is well armed with the confidence to make the decisions to get there.