Give your Employees a Weekend Sabbatical Experience 

Enroll your team members in existing sabbatical trips or create a customized sabbatical experience for your organization

Why do companies partner with The Weekend Sabbatical?

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Wellness programs are an increasingly compelling benefit for companies to offer

As 50% of Millennial workers rate their health and wellness high but without a program offering from their company

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Demand for purpose-driven work is ramping up across a younger, emerging workforce

As 68% of Millennials want to make a positive difference in the world through social impact initiatives



Flexibility and an emphasis on mindfulness has never been more important

As 84% of employees have experienced physical, psychological, or behavioral symptoms of poor mental health

Attracting and retaining Millennials and Gen Z respondents begins with financial rewards and workplace culture

- Deloitte 2018 Millennial Survey 

How do partnerships work?

Subscription Model

Secure a set number of spots on existing Weekend Sabbatical trips and allow your employees to choose which experience to attend with other like-minded professionals from similar companies

Customized Model

Create an a la carte weekend sabbatical experience for your company focused around social impact, leadership and career development, community building, adventure activities, or all

Experience-Based Benefit Rewards

Social Impact Projects Aligned to CSR Goals

A Sabbatical and Wellness Offering

What do your employees and your company get?

Separate your organization from the pack by providing your employees with a powerful wellness experience that leaves them recharged and refocused

Leverage our non profit relationships to participate in a simple or complex social impact project abroad that aligns to your company's CSR goals

Provide your employees with an amazing reward for their performance with a short sabbatical abroad focused around one of our offerings

Interested in offering a customized weekend sabbatical to your employees?

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