About The Weekend Sabbatical

As one advances in their career, the questions of "what comes next?" or "how do I take this job to the next level?" are often present. Typical work weeks are comprised of prolonged meetings, never ending task lists, deliverables to present, and team members to manage. The combination of these obligations with personal life stress can be downright overwhelming. Instead of taking needed time to rejuvenate, reset, and contemplate future career plans, many workers are stuck simply trying to survive. 


What if there was a company that created an experience that allowed professionals to thrive rather than survive? What if this experience offered its participants the chance to travel abroad and create a tangible plan of action for how to grow in their careers? What if this experience also got participants outside of their comfort zone, provided a platform to complete a fulfilling social impact project, and allowed a travel opportunity with other like minded professionals from different industries? What if this experience only required 3 days of paid time off (PTO)? 


Introducing The Weekend Sabbatical. We've reimagined what the traditional work sabbatical looks like to provide professionals with the chance to recharge and adventure in a beautiful international location, contribute to a community in need, while also providing a comfortable space that allows employees to take a step back, have an honest conversation about their careers, and answer these exact questions -- all in 5 days.


Love the idea of a sabbatical? We do too. In fact, we love it so much that we thought it was time to rethink the context around what a sabbatical should look like, how long it should be, and how to get others to enjoy the same benefits that we did. We recognize the difficulties of getting out of the office and are changing the conversation around the limited work related options available for professionals who can't take extended time off.

About the Founder

Max Linkoff

Max is a recovering consultant and spent the past 5 years advising senior executives at Fortune 500 companies. Seeking a more fulfilled career that combined his love for travel and empowering other professionals in the workplace, he decided to leave his carrot chasing corporate career to start The Weekend Sabbatical. As a certified executive/life coach (ACC-ICF), he is passionate about empowering other professionals to grow and succeed in their careers.


Max currently resides in San Francisco and is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park. 

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